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Our Mission

 The Mission of the Angel Foundation is to partner with businesses and individuals to be a caring resource for families in our community experiencing temporary crisis due to a life threatening illness or catastrophic event. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an Angel Foundation model that can be duplicated in any community around the world. 

Our Purpose

To establish active Angel teams of caring community members, faith-based organizations and businesses with resources to include volunteer time, financial donations, services and goods. 

The Heart and Soul of The Brandon Foundation

The Greater Brandon Community Foundation has been supporting local charities since its inception in 2003. We are very proud of the enormous impact they have made in our community and we are stronger due to their accomplishments.

The Foundation is committed to fulfilling our mission to be a caring resource for families in our community experiencing temporary crisis due to a life-threatening illness or catastrophic event.  We accomplish this by being a resource for families, connecting with our local charities and partnering with other organizations to meet the needs in our community.



Since its inception, the Foundation Angel program has assisted families in a variety of ways. Realizing that money is not the only thing needed during a time of crisis, our Foundation Angels help meet practical needs of families and individuals by matching the services and contributions of local businesses, individuals and community volunteers.

Services include  a lawn care company that maintains the lawn of a patient receiving chemotherapy; a restaurant that provides a gift certificate for the patient or caregiver; or a tradesman offering services such as plumbing, roofing, AC repair, electrical, etc. Individuals and teams have also pulled together to lend support to those affected emotionally and physically. No need is too great or small.

When one is going through a crisis, their finances are almost always affected. The foundation also provides financial support to families to pay an electric bill, rent or mortgage payment, among other things so they can get through their crisis. 

Our Foundation Angels are very fulfilled as they give back to the community, utilizing resources or services available to them and are pleased to have a way of helping others through these times of crisis.

The Foundation invites you to join us in this effort, as we are always in need of “Foundation Angels” who are able to provide services to families at a reduced price or as an “in-kind” donation.

Please visit our Angel page to learn more, or simply contact the Foundation by phone or email at 813-689-6889 or [email protected].

We also invite you to join us as we recognize the Foundation Angel Program at our annual fundraiser, an “Evening of Hope” held in November of each year.

Hebrews 13:16  Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.


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